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       This is a one-on-one course completed over Zoom which uncovers a person's true values in life - which is a vital first step, as 

       without knowing who you are and what your real passions and talents are, you can't go any further. 99% of people have not 

       done the work (or don't know how to) on themselves to find out these vital things - which is crazy as your destiny is dictated by

       your values... 

       Once this has been properly achieved (and printed out on canvas so you never forget) we can look to uncover your life's

       purpose, which once discovered will give you so much renewed energy, certainty and clarity in life.


       We can then work on what you actually want to achieve, what your dreams are, and end up with a crystal-clear vision!

       After this we will find your why, your reasons for wanting to achieve your dreams. Knowing deep down the true reasons for

       wanting to achieve something gives you the incredible strength needed to stick to them when the going gets tough.

       Structure has integrity, hence we then look at your environment and inputs around you and modify these to be in alignment

       with your crystal-clear vision. This also includes developing specific morning routines, disciplines and rules - new habits.

       Finally, we will work on and put together a plan that takes your from exactly where you are now, to your dreams!


       This course will give you an exact personal path to success, and you will really know yourself with certainty, be able to say 'no'

       to things easily that are not in alignment to your goals and live a far better life, and one that continually improves, as you are 

       continually building structured momentum - orderly progress is power!    



        £2,950 (typically takes 5 hours one-on-one work, plus homework, completed over a week)


       Before you even begin looking at or setting goals, you have to define your values, or you may end up

       going for a dream that does not align with who you really are; resulting in a lack of fulfilment once


       It's when your actions move away from your values that problems arise.

      A person who is not following their values in life will have no meaningful fulfilment.

      Live by your highest values, not subordinating to others values.

      No one has your values, your mission and your greatness!

      Pursuing or being given the wrong purpose is the cause of much inner conflict.

      Vitalise your mind with a definite purpose, and immediately your mind becomes a magnet which attracts

      everything that harmonises with that purpose.

      Nothing is impossible to the person who knows what they want and makes up their mind to get it.

      Your dreams are the blueprints of your soul.

      You have to be a visionary! If you do not have a crystal-clear vision, you will be sucked up into other

      people's visions.

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Jonny Lej - Life Coaching, Investing & Success!
Jonny Lej - Life Coaching, Investing & Success!
Jonny Lej - Life Coaching, Investing & Success!