Cryptocurrencies are fast becoming the new money and will take over from the existing financial system sooner than most people realise! This evolution does not just concern money, blockchain applications go far beyond cryptocurrency and bitcoin. With its ability to create more transparency and fairness while also saving businesses time and money, this technology is impacting a veriety of sectors in ways that range from how contracts are enforced to making government work more efficiently (a few more examples below):


  • Secure sharing of medical data

  • NFT marketplaces

  • Music royalties tracking

  • Cross-border payments

  • Real-time IoT operating systems

  • Personal identity security

  • Anti-money laundering tracking system

  • Supply chain and logistics monitoring

  • Voting mechanism

  • Advertising insights

  • Original content creation

  • Cryptocurrency exchange

  • Real estate processing platform


This course will answer all your questions on this new technology and give you an advanced understanding that you can definitely use profitably to your advantage! You'll be in the top 1% after this course. This course covers the following areas:


       - History of crypto

       - What is crypto & blockchain

       - How crypto's works

       - Different types of crypto

       - DeFi

       - Exchanges

       - Trading pairs

       - Stable coins

       - Satoshi calculations

       - Buying & selling (placing orders, stop losses, take profits)

       - Wallets

       - Coinmarketcap

       - TradingView

       - Market structure

       - Bitcoin's cycles

       - Crypto specific charting

       - On-chain analysis

       - Margin trading (futures, options, perpetuals)

       - Funding rates

       - Order books

       - Whales (market manipulation, media, stop-hunting, liquidity) 

       - Personal off-line storage

       - Useful sites

       - Market overview


This training will be held live in person over Zoom, Skype or in person at our office in Muswell Hill, North London. This course takes around 4 days to complete (7 hours a day), or we can tailor the timetable to suit the free hours you have a day.

The Cryptocurrency Course

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