This is the ultimate course in sales, and the only one you will ever need. It has been developed from over 20 year's experience in a wide range of environments from high level corporate sales, to top end art gallery sales, to everyday retail & business sales.


Sales is a vital skill that literally everybody needs in any walk of life, as you are actually selling yourself, your ideas and thoughts all the time in life without even realising it. Sales is not some slimy skill that gets people to do things against their will... True sales actually makes you a much better communicator, makes you far more observant & aware, and gives you a greater understanding of what people really want.

A great sales person hardly needs to sell, as their conversation, questioning, understanding & rapport naturally creates a magical atmosphere where the sale will happen all by itself effortlessly. 

The Definitive Sales Course will literally take someone with zero sales experience to a professional sales levels. Even if you are in sales you will learn many great things from this course. This course is for anyone from a person who just wants to communicate better, or small business owner/consultant that wants to dramatically increase their sales to experience sales directors etc...


This course fully covers:

                                             - Sales psychology

                                             - Rapport

                                             - Lead generation

                                             - Script writing

                                             - Cold calling & walk-in's

                                             - CRM & data base management

                                             - Objection handling

                                             - Presenting & meetings

                                             - Fact finds

                                             - Questioning

                                             - Listening, body language & observation

                                             - KPI's

                                             - Networking, partnerships & referrals

                                             - Testimonials

                                             - Closing

                                             - LinkedIn & other social media

                                             - Creating seminars

                                             - Running a sales team

                                             - Research & preparation

                                             - Pricing

                                             - Negotiation

The Difinitive Sales Course

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