This course takes a person with little or no investing & trading knowledge to a high level of confidence in their ability to successfully invest and trade in any asset class. What you will learn on this course is life changing, and will dramatically help you in so many other areas of your life too!

Understanding investing & trading will change your life for the better, as you will become a better person for it.

Everyone should know how to invest and trade.

This course covers the below areas:

                          - Requirements & setup

                          - Investment & trading psychology

                          - Discipline, morning routines

                          - Charting (technical analysis & indicators)

                          - Fundamentals

                          - Trading/investing systems & strategies

                          - Asset classes

                          - Correlations

                          - Money management

                          - Admin

                          - Gambling

                          - Insiders

                          - The media

                          - Turning pro

The Investor Course

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