This is an incredibly powerful set of 6 specific Yogic breathing techniques that are completed in a precise order - each one gets you ready for the next in an escalating series of 6 more and more powerful steps. You will learn each step in order on a one-on-one basis. All 6 breathing techniques will be demonstrated, then taught to you and worked on, and finally checked that you have mastered them exactly right. Then you are free to use them daily in your morning routine. 

Once on your own, and completing your regular morning Yogic Breathing Method, you will realise that as soon as it is completed it leads you automatically into meditation where you can stay as long as you like - this is where you can gain answers from you higher self, or just go deeper into the silence. 

This a very powerful practice and you will definitely notice a difference. Either almost immediately, or after a very short while you will actually physically feel energy moving and buzzing all around you - you are gaining high amounts of energy from the 'universe/higher dimensions' - some call this Prana, Zero Point Energy, Life Force, Qi, Chi etc, the name doesn't matter, just that you will be increasing your ability and development fast;-)

Once you build momentum by completing this practice every day, you will notice you no long need things like alcohol, cigarettes, junk food, sugar or other addictions as they will all naturally drop away - you will start feeling on a totally natural high in life;-)

I can personally attest to this practice, as I complete the above every single day, and have done so for the last 3 years with incredible results, it has been life changing indeed and is not some airy-fairy practice that you don't really feel or notice a difference from, you will feel this:-)

The Yogic Breathing Method

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