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       You have to keep your focus and attention on your dreams and then take action from the inspiration that arises. Hence a 

       vision board is typically used by those few who understand this, but we have gone one step further and will work together to 

       create you a bespoke large printed canvas picture of your dreams, that can hang on your wall so you constantly remain

       inspired - plus it looks incredibly beautiful;-) There are framing options too.

       We will spend some time working together on your vision & dreams. The appropriate images will be sought out (we have access

       to many top image libraries), then once you have all your perfect images ready, one of our Photoshop specialists will design 

       and put together your finished picture. We will then get this printed on a large canvas (at the size that suits you) and have it   

       delivered to your door.

       £950 (includes Photoshop design & canvas printing) Example below:




      Your emotions drive your actions, hence get your emotions from your vision board picture.

      Life is a manifestation of where your attention goes.

      What you focus on is what you will end up with.

      Happiness simply comes down to what you put your attention on.

      What you focus on controls your destiny and life - your attention is the most valuable thing you have.

      Everything around you is constantly programming you (sites, sounds, words, friends, smells, thoughts,

      pictures, etc). So you either keep on getting randomly programmed, or you consciously alter your

      environment in line with your dreams.

      Clarity is power!


Jonny Lej - Life Coaching, Investing & Success!